Starting line

Whether you are working in sales, legal, HR or in IT, this article is for you.

You will get resources to get up to speed with the cloud by looking at the offer of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I will also highlight some trends around cloud practices and how it changes the way we do business.

Why you have to be familiar with cloud

Get the cloud lingo

Cloud accelerates innovation for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Internet of Things (IOT). It enables new business models.

But we are bombarded with Iaas, Paas, Faas, containers, devops, serverless… and cloud-first or hybrid cloud strategies… ….we are overwhelmed by by the number of acronyms, and question the security or confidentiality models of cloud.

The fast-paced change increases our fear. We believe that cloud is complex or worse, that we have missed the train.

A simple plan

But wait… should we be an IT specialist to use a iPhone ? Do we need to major in physic to travel by plane ? Obviously not. And it is the same for cloud. Despite a lot of buzzwords, usage is easy. Furthermore, the benefits extends far beyond the interrests of the IT world.

Follow the trail below. No doubt that within a couple of days, you will be familiar with the concepts… and ask to yourself why you did not start this journey before.

Why focus on Amazon Web Services ? Simply because AWS was first to hit the market, and is the de-facto leader. It gives us a lot of training material and AWS offer covers almost all use cases. But in this close race, all other cloud vendors provide similar services. What you will learn here will easily be transcribed to Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

A plan on notebook

What you will learn

Expect to spend between 1 and 2 days. Content is organized in small chunks so that you can learn at your own pace.

  • The cloud value offer and its benefits
  • Cloud economics and cost models
  • General understanding of cloud services and terminology
  • The trend towards containers and serverless architectures

The essential training

You have to get the basics rights. The following is a recomended before digging into more advanced concept. It give you the vocabulary used by cloud vendors and help you understand and articulate the impacts of this technology.

  • AWS Business Professional

    If your company is an AWS partner, you can freely register to this online training. It will give you a very good understanding of the cloud pricing model.

    The AWS Business Professional training program provides participants with a baseline knowledge of AWS products and services. It gives a basic understanding of AWS, the key services that comprise AWS, and core business value propositions. These online modules help build the foundation to effectively leverage AWS solutions to customers.

  • AWS Cloud Practicioner Essentials

    This training is publicly available to anyone (partner or not).

    Around 7 hours of online course, in 8 modules. The best introduction to AWS, and a very good introduction to cloud in general.

    In this 100-level self-paced course, you’ll gain an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. You will learn essential cloud concepts and AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support.

  • Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT

    ahead in the cloud cover picture

    In this book, Stephen Orban, former Global Head of Enterprise Strategy for AWS expose the reasons and suggested paths to ease cloud adoption in the enterprise. It really helps to get ideas about how cloud deployment changes organizations, how you can bring people on board. This book is full of insights to build a cloud service and train people in a existing organization. But also tells severall real life success stories (the author transitioned Dow Jones organization to the cloud). It will help you discuss both the why and how of adopting to cloud. This is not a technical book, but rather the compilation of testimonials and perspective from people who share their experience of transforming tradional IT services into cloud base services.

Next steps …

Explore more cloud services

Depending on your background or activity, you may want to get more information on specific services or offers.

  • AWS provide a lot of free digital training on AWS training portal. It is a very good resource to explore cloud related subjects like Demystifying AI/ML/DL or IOT services. Theses mini-training are great to get an overview of the possibility offered by pre-packaged services.

  • Take also the time to explore the list of AWS cloud products.

Containers, FaaS and serverless

Serveless surely tansforms the way you pay for services… but more importantly changes the way you charge for services you build. You can create something that will scale up without any upfront investment … and then offer this service as pay as you go to your users. Huge business opportunity there !

Man Standing on Mountain Against Sky -

… and beyond

You should now feel pretty fluent with cloud, with a global understanding of the services and buisness models.

Cloud enables new business cases. It transforms the organizations and the way we manage investments, costs and sales.

Use cloud services as LEGO bricks to build and sell your own offering … my hope is that introduction triggers your curiosity to pursue the exploration !

See you in the - comming soon - Part 2 - learning aws intermediate that will be more oriented towards cloud practitioners.