We just ended 2018, it was a year full of learning new stuff, experimenting with tech and sharing it with my colleagues.

So this post is a rough list of what I did, in no particular order.

I do not mention work performed for my client but only what can be made public.


This year highlights

My main goal was to get up to speed with AWS public cloud and DevOps tooling (vast subject :-))

But if I must retain 4 items, I’m quite happy to :

  • have cleared my (first ?) AWS architect associate certification all by myself.
  • have attended a nice Zabbix training… which also led to becoming Zabbix certified professional.
  • have discovered and became fluent - and addicted to - terraform.
  • But this is also the year where i was delighted to discover Elixir ! Have a look at “Fleet management solution for autonomous vehicles” by Serge Boucher at ElixirConf eu 2018.

On the workbench: POC’s and tests

workbench picture

  • AWS IOT: Connecting a Rasbperry PI to AWS IOT platform, publish data to a dynamoDB. See the notebook.
  • AWS dynamoDB: Get data from Dynamo db and graph it with python.See the notebook.
  • Docker: Build custom docker images in GitlabCI and wrote terraform module to deploy it to EC2 instances.
  • Various CI/CD configurations (Jenkins, Gitlab, Github integrations)
  • Monitoring my AWS expenses closely ;-)

What I shared

You learn faster when you share it:

  • I did my best to expand cloud awareness in my company as a cloud community leader.
  • I presented an introduction to devops practices to 2 teams of my company.
  • I could not help to share my love of terraform and aws to colleagues and clients.
  • I’m writing some tips / resources to help getting up to speed with AWS (i.e. how to get up to speed with AWS).
  • Introduced git to colleagues and clients.
  • Spend some time helping colleagues stuck with docker containers or CI/CD sytem.

What I learned

Book picture

  • A lot of AWS stuff and zabbix monitoring.
  • terraform : from building docker image to deploying AWS infrastructure from scratch using terraform and gitlab ci.
  • Ansible - I became more fluent with using roles
  • Setting up CI/CD jobs on gitlabci and jenkins, configuring agent/runners.
  • AWS iot and python sdk on raspberry (temperature measurement)
  • First real steps with Kubernetes and Prometheus
  • learned the basics of using OpenShift
  • became addicted to Anki cards
  • Learn to map a strategy (thanks Simon Wardley)
  • Wrote my firsts serverless functions on AWS lambda.

Conferences/meetups/workshops I attended

  • AWSome day toulouse
  • AWS summit Paris
  • AWS transformation day labege
  • Airbus API meetup (toulouse)
  • Running containers in Azure.

Online courses I attended

I spent some time -and money- on udemy ;-) and the rest in books and online tutorials.

on AWS

and others

Closing 2018, hello 2019.

I have a plan, or two, or 10… for 2019.

I want to work and exchange more on Serverless technologies, Azure and GCP, publish some tutorials, likely play more with AWS AI/ML and IOT services…

… and dig deeper in functionnal programming with Elixir and Phoenix.

Just have to put this in order, prioritize a bit, but this will be for another post !